Brand Identity


HERMATA London profoundly believes that earrings are not just a jewel, but a whole lot more than that! Located in London, HERMATA is an online sales shop that features high-end designer earrings from all over the globe.


The word “HERMATA” (pronunciation: /hér.ma.taː/) is an ancient Greek word which means earrings. The client wanted to incorporate the ancient word symbolism into the logo, and also to draw inspiration from a sentimentality valued piece of jewelry in their possession.


Logo Design

Corporate Stationery Design

Promotional Merchandise Design


e-Shop Design & Development



Drawing inspiration from two distinct elements (the piece of favorite jewelry and the ancient greek maeandric pattern) we designed a logo that would represent the elegance and gravitational meaning of the word HERMATA. We kept visual elements of the signage to a strict simplicity, highlighting the high quality product and elegance required for a high-end fashion jewelry brand . The colors of the logo expressions were interchanging according to seasonal and collection occurrences. Although the main logo was designed black, it also had a red, green and blue expression that the client was free to use according to their promotional needs, thus adding the factor of flexibility and renewal to the communication strategy.


We also designed the company stationery, with compliments cards, product tags & package stickers that would accompany all marketing communication items, based on the same minimal principle we established, but included a fine paper texture to evoke the sense of touch, in order to add an intimacy emotion to the brand, since earrings are a very personal choice for the consumer.


The packaging was created with the fabric-like texture that all print collateral was using, in an off- white external color with black interior in order to make a bold fashion statement when unboxing a new pair of earrings. Accompanying feel paper with the logo symbol pattern and rice paper bags where each earring was held separately were incuded in the packaging so as not to damage the materials. A thin silk black ribbon with the Logo marking wrapped the box in order to add a luxurious splash to the unboxing experience.


Patterns inspired from the unique product packaging to highlight the sense of touch, design details derived from the original logo itself, clean black and white color palette compositions, and of course the unique hosted artists illustrations, all contributed to an amazing visual result that greatly surpassed all of our expectations.





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27 Old Gloucester Street
London WC1N 3AX

+44 (0)7476884031

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