Bioselect is a manufacturing company of Organic & Natural Skincare cosmetics located in the island of Crete. The company holds a patent of the key ingredient in their organic line, Dictamelia® which is the extraction of the dittany herb into organic olive oil. The purity of the ingredients used and the soothing and regenerating effects of Dictamelia®, have made Bioselect a very popular and promising brand in the Organic Cosmetics market around the globe, with distributors in USA, China, Russia and Europe.


Our team was approached by Bioselect Organic Skincare in order to refresh their brand presence in the market, and develop a new cosmetics line with Natural Ingredients. The only condition was to maintain the previous logo mark and color, as it was directly associated with the patent the company holds on organic ingredients, and was very difficult for it to change due to heavy bureaucracy. We were also called to manage and improve their digital presence, as the facebook page was not being used at all.


Research & Brand Strategy

Brand Positioning

Brand Identity

Messaging & Copywriting

Website Design & Development

Promotional Merchandise Design

Interior Office Graphics

Marketing Materials

Digital marketing

Creative Consultancy

Project Management

Exterior Signage




The Bioselect brand urgently needed a brand story, firstly for the employees and distributors to effectively be able to communicate the brand to their audiences, and of course for their audience to be able to associate with the Brand emotionally. We created two accompanying taglines for the iconic logo, ORGANIC and NATURALS in order to distinguish between the two cosmetic lines. Then we created two separate brand stories for each of the lines in order to better communicate the product to potential distributors.


Additional logo annotations were included in order to highlight the certifications and purity of the ingredients, and print and digital collaterals were created in order to be able to effectively communicate each line, inside and outside the company offices. 


We started designing the product packaging for the NATURALS line, since it was being launched for the first time and implemented visual elements that would later be in harmony with the new ORGANIC packaging, which was programmed to be redesigned progressively.


We developed the digital media strategy in order for Bioselect to be able to stand out and have its very own identity in social media. We provided consultation in events planning, blogger strategies, and contests. We also handled every visual communication in all marketing actions in order to maintain a continuous image across all platforms.


The website was designed and developed carrying the brand identity we developed in order to showcase the products and offer information to B2B and B2C visitors.




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27 Old Gloucester Street
London WC1N 3AX

+44 (0)7476884031

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